Business structure

Once a decision is taken to set up a more permanent presence, you need to decide on your choice of vehicle. Often this is tax-driven, but it also depends heavily on how the entity concerned will be perceived in the local market by the end consumer of the product or service.

In most countries, customers will feel more comfortable dealing with a locally established, recognised entity rather than a branch of an overseas parent whose identity they can’t confirm.

Each entity needs to be scrutinized to determine its tax and legal status, both locally and in the home state. Even choosing a company can create unexpected tax and commercial consequences. The most common forms are:

Typically, there are also other forms of business entities available locally such as partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

For international work, the team handles the UK aspects and manages the relationship with our network of experienced local law firms and tax advisors.

For more information about different entities available domestically, please refer to Corporate structure.

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