Brexit Hub

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted in a referendum to leave the EU. The actual legal implications for businesses will depend on the final form of the Brexit and the post Brexit relationships which the UK has with the EU and with other non-EU countries. For more information, click.

Whilst the UK and the EU are negotiating a comprehensive future trade agreement and taking into account a time-limited “implementation period” after the UK leaves the EU, it is important that businesses start to develop contingency plans and set out a clear strategy to navigate these new waters.

It therefore makes good sense for businesses to plan for the various outcomes of “soft” or “hard” Brexit.  We have produced a checklist which may be of help in planning your strategy.

Our experienced team is happy to have an informal discussion about how we may assist you in providing a structured and informed analysis to support your management’s preparations for the times to come whether this involves looking after your staff, reviewing your existing commercial relationships or maybe taking a look at your corporate structure.