Our clients are operating in a global market place so we are constantly developing ways of supporting our client’s international legal requirements. More than 60% of our clients are international businesses and we act for both inward investors and exporters.

So why use ebl miller rosenfalck for your international work?

We are a full service business law firm specialising in international trade and business migration within Europe . We have vast experience in managing our clients’ legal requirements in other regions such as the US and the Far East.

Most of our lawyers are qualified in more than one jurisdiction and/or have experienced working outside the UK so they understand our clients’ needs when it comes to their international business.

The firm is a partner in ebl legal services which is a provider of European business law services on a single platform.

We also have long term working relationships with professional firms outside the UK, and are active members of Warwick Legal Network, a leading network of law firms in Europe.

We are listed for Investor Support by the UKTI.

ebl miller rosenfalck was last nominated in the Law Society’s Legal Excellence Awards 2013 for Excellence in Exporting Legal Services.

Inward investment
We help overseas businesses wishing to set up in or export to the UK or Europe. For further information, please see Non-UK Businesses.

Export/outward investment
We assist UK businesses wishing to expand their business overseas. For further information, please see UK Businesses.

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Steen Rosenfalck - Partner

DD +44 (0)20 7553 9931

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