Planning for Brexit

The Bank of England has written to the UK's biggest financial firms, urging them to plan for "all eventualities" as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. BBC News reported on 7 April that Bank governor Mark Carney said the "vast majority" of City firms already had contingency plans in place. It is vital that, similarly, SMEs should plan for life after withdrawal. A recent survey has estimated that up to 75% of UK businesses have made no plans for Brexit despite it being a major... Read More »



ebl miller rosenfalck will be co-hosting the Copenhagen Fintech Event in London on 10 April 2017

The Viking Raid on London Sign up... Read More »



ebl miller rosenfalck is speaking at a seminar on how to deal with your workforce following Brexit organised by the Danish Embassy in London.

... Read More »



From bankers to pickers: Can your business function with a reduced European workforce?

This article outlines why you should consider applying for a Sponsor Licence... Read More »



Reverse Cross Border Mergers – in a Brexit context

A recent High Court decision has confirmed that it is now possible to restructure European and UK operations by way of reverse merger of a UK parent company by absorption by a subsidiary based in another EU member state. This mechanism which derives from the EU cross border merger directive of limited liability companies (2005/56/EC) had not until this decision been permitted under English law. In the context of Brexit (and pending what legislative changes are made following the invoking of... Read More »



Hard Brexit – immigration impact

Theresa May, has today highlighted the Government's pledge to leave the single market and the customs union which will in turn limit free movement of EEA nationals. Theresa May views this measure as the ideal tool for cutting immigration in the UK. This would invariably mean that EEA nationals, arriving in the UK, post Brexit are more than likely to face new travel and work related restrictions. We are yet to know the exact details and how TM plans to achieve this. The PM has also indicated... Read More »