Current external seminars that ebl miller rosenfalck personnel is participating in are listed below in chronological order. The descriptions of the seminars are provided by the organisers. Please click on the appropriate link.



Phil Henson is speaking on AI in Canary Wharf today

Phil Henson is speaking on AI, automation processes and law firm business culture at the Risk Management and Compliance for Law Firms conference in Canary Wharf... Read More »



Edzard will speak on English employment law in Düsseldorf on 29 September 2017

Edzard will deliver a one day seminar on key issues in English employment law including practical guidance and local insights. Who should attend? This English employment law training course is relevant to international HR managers and directors in Germany who have responsibility for employees in the UK. It will also be useful to managers and directors who anticipate entering the UK market and who need to be aware of their responsibilities to their people. The seminar will be conducted in... Read More »



Supreme Court rules that Parliament must vote on whether to trigger Article 50

The judgment means that Prime Minister Theresa May cannot begin talks with the European Union without the backing of Parliament.... Read More »



Stuart Miller will be speaking at the Secure your Future in the Cloud seminar at Microsoft on 26 February 2015 @ 6.30pm

For further information and registration, please see... Read More »



L’exécution des décisions judicaires françaises en Angleterre

La libre circulation des biens, des services et des capitaux au sein de l’Union Européenne a pour corollaire la circulation des décisions de justice. Les décisions judiciaires françaises rendues en matières civiles et commerciales (à l’ exclusion des matières fiscales, douanières et administratives) peuvent être ......... read more... Read More »



English Employment Law in French

Emmanuelle Ries will be giving a one day seminar for French HR directors and managers responsible for UK HR operations. The seminar is organised by JSB at the Crowne Plaza in Paris on 25th September 2013. There are still places available and you can register... Read More »