Workforce Restructuring in Europe – new book from Bloomsbury Professional

General Editors: Edzard Clifton-Dey, Pia Dalziel, Sara Kennedy and Emmanuelle Ries

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Workforce Restructuring in Europe is the brand new title that provides practical employment law guidance on HR restructuring matters across 30 European jurisdictions.

Offering straightforward information on issues which are commonly faced by businesses during various kinds of restructuring, it looks at: the reorganisation of a workplace or group of companies; downsizing or closure of a business; restructuring due to relocation; and when outsourcing is being considered. The book assists readers to focus on what needs to be done ‘now’ as well as to plan for the timing, consultation, costs, morale implications and processes involved in each stage of the restructure.

Individual ‘State’ chapters aid practical comparison

These scenarios are examined across the 28 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland, each in their own chapter, to allow for practical comparison across various jurisdictions. An introductory chapter on EU minimum standards helps the reader to place each country within the context of EU law.

Each chapter follows the same template to allow for easy comprehension of how to approach the same issue across borders. They cover:

  • Employment Status
  • Process for individual redundancies
  • Process for collective redundancies
  • Works Council and consultation requirements
  • Employment implications of business transfers
  • Unilateral and mutually agreed changes to terms and conditions of employment

Local status of legislation and case law

To keep the book user-friendly, legislation and case law are addressed in such a way that presents the current local primary and secondary status of each, without excessive use of unnecessary citations.

Who should consider buying this book?

Workforce Restructuring in Europe is an essential title for all employment law practitioners and HR specialists who work for, or advise, businesses that have offices in multiple European states.

About the editors

All editors are private practice lawyers with ebl miller rosenfalck in London

Edzard Clifton-Dey is a dual qualified (Anglo-German) employment lawyer. He is recognised for his experience of counselling clients on cross-border employment issues (Chambers Global).

Pia Dalziel is a dual qualified (Anglo-Danish) corporate/commercial lawyer. She is recognised in Chambers Global.

Sara Kennedy is an employment lawyer and recognised in Chambers Global for her employment work.

Emmanuelle Ries advises on English employment law over the life of the employment relationship, mostly with an international element. Emmanuelle is recognised by Chambers Global as a Foreign Expert in UK employment.

ISBN: 9781847667007

Pub date: September 2015

Format: Hardback

Pages: 1,032